4 Channel PWM Signal Repeater


The PR-0001 is a 12-36 volt constant voltage LED data repeater perfectly tuned to duplicate RGBgenie LED Controller signals.

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Very easy to use, just link the data repeater to your controller and connect a suitable power source.  The repeater will then replicate the input signal without taking power from the controller.  When used as an add-on for RGBgenie controllers, you can synchronize 3 times more LED’s and unlimited power repeaters can be connected together for the most expansive project you can dream up.

  • For use with RGBgenie Z-wave or Zigbee LED controllers
  • 12-36 volt DC constant voltage
  • 5 Year long term warranty
  • Repeats dimming signal
  • 4 channel capable of 5 amps each
  • Professional grade

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