4 Zone 2 Scene Remote (ZigBee)


Control ZigBee enabled LED bulbs and LED strips from the palm of your hand.  This controller acts as a secondary gateway that once configured, sends ZigBee commands directly to the lighting for an almost instantaneous response.  Latest ZigBee 3.0 protocol which is the unified ZigBee HA (Home Automation) and ZigBee LL (Light Link) profile.  Alexa integration requires an Echo Plus or another Echo product connected to a ZigBee enabled hub.

Utilize the Factory New Specifications feature to reset lighting devices to their original out of the box configuration, including Philips Hue bulbs.  Excellent way to un-pair and reset devices from an inoperable or missing hub.  Touch-Link commissioning also allows for pairing with other ZigBee compatible lighting devices without needing to add the remote as a device to the hub.

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ZigBee 3.0 Remote and Dimmer, 4 Zones, 2 Scenes, On/off and Brightness Control,  Factory Reset Option

Fingertip control of ZigBee enabled single color LED bulbs and LED strips.  Including Philips Hue bulbs.  Smooth fading with gentle off dimming.  Supports 4 zones and 2 Scenes that can bind up to 30 lighting devices.

High quality look, feel and operation.  Magnetic cradle and long life battery included.  Line of sight transmission range up to 100 feet. Does not rely on the cloud, an internet connection, or another app.



ZB-5004 user manual

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