Micro Controller and Lamp Module – Single Channel Trailing Edge Dimmer (Zigbee)


Enjoy the convenience of adding your unique lighting to your Zigbee mesh network.  Perfect for making smart cabinet lighting or updating the Leg Lamp you use every Christmas.  Remotely control On/Off and dimming of incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs.  Works with Philips Hue bridge.

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ATEST ZIGBEE 3.0 – The latest ZigBee protocol which is the unified ZigBee HA (Home Automation) and ZigBee LL (Light Link) profile.  Touch-Link enabled.

DEEP DIMMING CONTROL – True 0 to 100 adjustable dimming.  This unit comes with an adjustable minimum brightness function to guard against flicker at extremely low power levels.  This allows you to predefine the lower dimming threshold so your bulbs are never under powered and can achieve the lowest brightness possible.

TRAILING EDGE – Best for LED’s, the trailing edge design has an advantage over traditional TRIAC or leading edge dimmers as they offer smoother control, soft start and silent running when in operation.  The ZB-4002 is also perfect for controlling and dimming incandescent and halogen bulbs.  An excellent choice for adding phase cut dimming to your lighting projects

SAFE AND RELIABLE – Fully isolated 110V design with emergency shutoff.  When the internal temperature reaches an unsafe level, the ZB-4002 will send an emergency shutoff command to the gateway.

MAXIMUM LOADS – This is an end point device and not intended to operate an entire circuit.    200W maximum resistive load (incandescent) or 100W maximum capacitive load (LED).  Not designed for use with inductive loads such as motors or transformers.

PUSH SWITCH CONTROL – Use the push switch connection to physically control on and off in addition to your smart home control.

REPEATER – The ZB-4002 is also a Z-Wave Plus network repeater.

5 YEAR WARRANTY – Industry leading 5 year warranty.

WORKS WITH – RGBgenie Zigbee touch panels and remotes, Philips Hue Bridge, Amazon Echo Plus and most other Zigbee certified gateways.

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