ZigBee 3.0 Set-up module


Perfect for those without a smart home hub.  This set-up module allows you to bind together RGBgenie Zigbee touch panels, LED controllers, and remotes so you can enjoy wireless control of your lighting.  Also compatible with many third party Zigbee light bulbs.

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MESHgenie is the only gateway on the market that does not use the cloud or need your local network to operate.

Enjoy the convenience of controlling your RGBW and single color lighting without an app, internet connection or cloud account.   You can have simplified wireless control of your lighting without having to sign up for anything.  With MESHgenie, only you know when your lights are on.


Good question.  And there are many reasons.  Not everybody needs automation or desires to pull out their phone to simply turn on and off a light. For many, being able to control lighting on three different electrical circuits from one location is automation enough.  And needless to say very convenient.  Maybe your internet connection isn’t reliable or strong enough for APP control.  Not being able to turn off your smart lights at night because there is a storm outside can get old quick. Perhaps you simply wish to have color LED’s installed but want to control color with something more sophisticated than a flimsy cheap RF remote that will most likely get lost in the couch. You may even have a detached garage or shed you wished had control from in the house but you have no desire to sign up for anything and don’t want to cough up your Wi-Fi password. The MESHgenie solves all these problems and allows for the integration of RGBgenie Touch Panels and LED Controllers and many other third-party smart bulbs without using the cloud or infiltrating your home network. Comes with power cord.

LATEST ZIGBEE 3.0:  The latest ZigBee protocol which is the unified ZigBee HA (Home Automation) and ZigBee LL (Light Link) profile.  Touch-Link enabled..

NO CLOUD ACCOUNT REQUIRED:  The RGBgenie MESHgenie is a Z-Wave set-up module used to bind RGBgenie Touch Panels, Remotes and LED controllers and other compatible Z-Wave light bulbs into a unified mesh network.   No device commands are sent through the cloud.

NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED:  Because once set-up, your devices will communicate directly with each other.

DOES NOT REQUIRE YOUR HOME NETWORK:  The RGBgenie MESHgenie will create its own secure Zigbee 3.0 network independent of other home automation gateways and hubs, and most important, independent of your home network.

ONLY REQUIRED FOR SET-UP:  While you do have the option to add the MESHgenie to your home network and use the app to locally operate your devices, you don’t have to.  You also can also unplug it and store it until you wish to add another device.   All Touch Panels, Remotes and LED Controllers will still continue to communicate once they have been meshed together.  Perfect for those who desire wireless control without exposing their home network.

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