Color LED Controller (Z-Wave)


The ZW-1002 is a Z-Wave enabled LED strip light controller that can control up to RGB and RGBW strip lighting. It comes with a 12 to 36 volt DC input, constant voltage output and up to 5 amps per channel. Compatible with Vera.
Match with RGBgenie touch panel ZW-3002, ZW-3003, ZW-3004 and ZW-3005. Industry leading 5 year warranty.

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RGBgenie RGB and RGBW LED Controller, Z-Wave Plus, 12 24 36 volts, 4 channels, 5 amps per channel – constant voltage controller for LED strip lights – RGBgenie ZW-1002

Control color, on/off and dimming of RGB and RGBW strip lighting.  The ZW-1002 is also a Z-Wave Plus network repeater, making your mesh network stronger.   When combined with our touch panel controllers, you have the convenience of operating your LED strip lights from the wall without having to launch an app.


ZW-1002 instructions

SmartThings Device Handler

ZW-1002 Z-Wave RGBW Controller

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