Touch Panel and Dimmer, White (Z-Wave)


Control Z-Wave enabled single color bulbs and RGBgenie LED receivers from the wall. This controller acts as a secondary gateway that once configured, sends Z-Wave commands directly to the lighting for an almost instantaneous response. No need to run control wires through the wall to communicate with your devices. The recessed controller installs in a standard single plate receptacle box and the 110 volt pass-through power assures repeater uptime while eliminating the need for a DC power supply or batteries. A Neutral wire is required.

Match with RGBgenie LED controller ZW-1001. Industry leading 5 year warranty.

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Z-Wave Plus Touch Panel Single Color Controller and Dimmer with Built-in Repeater, 3 Zone, 3 Scene, In-Wall

Enjoy the convenience of operating your smart lights with a glass wall mounted touch panel. Fingertip control of on/off and brightness.  Smooth fade with gentle off dimming.  Operate 3 Zones of up to 12 devices each.   The ZW-3001 is also a Z-Wave network repeater that will make your mesh network stronger.  Works with Vera.

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