Single Color LED Controller (Z-Wave)


The ZW-1001 is a Z-Wave enabled LED strip light controller that can control up to 4 single color strip lights at once. It comes with a 12 to 36 volt DC input, constant voltage output and up to 5 amps per channel.

Using the latest Z-Wave Plus standard, the ZW-1001 is compatible with Wink, Vera, SmartThings, Fibaro, and Vera.  Comes with an industry leading 5-year warranty and is a great match for RGBgenie touch panels.

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RGBgenie Single Color LED Controller, Z-Wave Plus, 12 24 36 volts, 4 channels, 5 amps per channel – constant voltage controller for LED strip lights – RGBgenie ZW-1001

When combined with our touch panel controllers, you have the convenience of operating your LED strip lights from the wall without having to launch an app.

4 CHANNELS- Support up to 4 channels of single color lighting.

DIMMABLE – Control on/off and dimming of single color LED strip lights. Very smooth 1-100% dimming range.

REPEATER – The ZW-1001 is also a Z-Wave network repeater, making your mesh network stronger.

POWERFUL – For use with 12, 24 and 36-volt lighting, 4 channels with 5 amps each.  This constant voltage controller is capable of delivering up to 650 watts of power.


ZW-1001 instructions


SmartThings Device Handler

ZW-1001 Device Handler

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